Monday, December 5, 2016

Rocky De La Fuente to file lawsuit in Florida alleging election fraud

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by Don Ellis has learned that within the next few hours Rocky De La Fuente, 2016 Presidential candidate of the American Delta and Reform Parties, will file a lawsuit in Federal court alleging "massive absentee ballot election fraud within Broward County in the 2016 Florida general election".

De La Fuente, who was a guest on The Green Party Radio Show on Sunday, is also challenging a Florida election law which states that an automatic recount cannot occur unless the margin of victory is less than 0.25%. De La Fuente claims that this encourages election fraud because election officials can be reasonably confident "that the challenged statute will prevent any examination and/or discovery of their unlawful conduct absent the existence of extraordinary third party testimonial evidence." has examined the lawsuit, which states:

Chelsey Marie Smith, a temporary employee in the Broward County Supervisor of Election's office, witnessed the fraudulent completion of blank absentee ballots by employees of Broward County's Supervisors of Elections in a locked room (the "Pitney-Bowes Room) to which she was instructed by her supervisor to deliver absentee ballot request forms
On a second trip into the Pitney-Bowes Room, Ms. Smith saw four Broward County election employees filling out absentee ballots with the same black pens used at Broward County polling sites, moving completed ballots from the blank stack of ballots to a pile of completed ballots.

In Ms. Smith's affidavit, she also says that she was fired from her job the day after witnessing these actions.

The lawsuit is being filed by Michael Steinberg, a Tampa attorney who was De La Fuente's running mate in the 2016 election.

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