Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Green Party Senate candidate Arn Menconi, campaign assistant injured in car accident, please donate to help with his medical bills

Arn Menconi, who is the Green Party's candidate for Senate in Colorado, and his campaign assistant were involved in a car accident overnight.

“Driving back from Standing Rock last night I totaled my car; it rolled at least 5 times, leaving me with four broken ribs and my campaign assistant Kia with serious injuries,” Arn said on Facebook. “I don’t have health insurance, so the medical bills will be expensive.”

All of us here at Green Party Radio send our best wishes to the both of them and hope they have a speedy recovery.

We have set up a GoFundMe account to help with his medical bills, please donate all you can to help one of the Green Party's greatest advocates. (Click HERE to donate)