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If the Democrats REALLY wanted to keep Trump out of office, they would have nominated Bernie

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Bernie Sanders (Image courtesy Nick Solari/Wikimedia Commons)
by Don Ellis

President Bernie Sanders.

That's what everyone would have been calling him starting in early January of next year, if not for the Democratic National Committee and their insistence that Hillary Clinton be the party's nominee for the November election.

Before I go any further, I'm sure many of you are wondering why I am writing an article about "President" Bernie Sanders on a Green Party Media page. Actually, it started with my father.

My dad is a retired Ironworker and a life-long "vote blue, no matter who" kind of guy. I always respected him for it, for most of his life the Democrats were the party of the working class, and many of them were quite progressive. It was a given that all unions would endorse Democrats in every race in this country.

Now he's retired and in his 70's, and he's all about keeping Trump out of office (which is a noble cause, of course).

The thing is, with his two sons running Green Party Radio and pushing Jill Stein for President as hard as we possibly can, it conflicts with his "vote Blue, no matter who", as he thinks anyone voting for Jill should be voting for Hillary just to keep Trump out of office.

I do have to point out that he is very proud of both Larry and I for being so involved in politics and fighting for our cause, so it's not like he hates us or anything.

I am a life-long Independent Progressive, so naturally for most of my 51 years I leaned Democrat as the party used to be somewhat progressive. I have always been strongly pro-union like the rest of my family, and I am a former Contract Negotiator for Service Employees International Union of Illinois/Indiana.

So as an Independent I didn't really #DemExit when I learned of the DNC's misdeeds - but I was for the last year a registered Democrat (so I could vote for Bernie in the Kentucky primary), so technically I did #DemExit.
Hillary Clinton campaign poster

After what the Democrats (allegedly) did to Bernie in the primary, I did go Green all-out and 100%. (I haven't changed my voter registration and won't until after the election, but that's another story)

To be totally honest, I was never really into politics until this Presidential election. I've known for quite some time that there is very little difference in the two parties, mostly minor, cosmetic differences. It's been almost a year since Larry - another staunch union man, former Teamster Union Rep and Contract Negotiator - turned me on to Bernie Sanders.

At the time, I told him that there was no way this country was ready to elect a Democratic Socialist, because "socialist" is still somewhat of a dirty word in this country.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

I am writing this article to give everyone their comeback to this "a vote for Jill is a vote for Trump" BS that is permeating our country at this time. I am voting for Jill Stein because she is the candidate whose platform and plan for our country is in agreement with my personal wishes for this once-great nation.
FDR, the original "Socialist" President
Photo courtesy Library of Congress

I became a full-fledged all-in member of the Green Party because they represent many of the same values and ideas that the Democrats did back in the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (who was also called a "Socialist" when he was President).

Like many of you who are reading this article, I would have voted for Bernie Sanders if he would have been the Democratic nominee. His platform was quite progressive and exactly what I was looking for in a President.

Why Did The Democratic National Committee Pass On Easily Defeating Trump?

If the Democratic National Committee really and truly wanted to keep Trump out of the White House, they would have done the intelligent thing and made Bernie Sanders their nominee for President.

And they could have done it easily, one of the reasons they invented superdelegates was so they could override the public's vote if their preference was a horrible candidate who wasn't electable.

Hillary Clinton (Dept of State)
(You can read an outstanding history about the DNC's use of superdelegates HERE)

Let's play make believe and presume that there was absolutely no voter fraud going on during the Democratic primaries, and let's just forget the fact that the DNC's emails show that they were doing everything they could to make sure Hillary Clinton was the Democratic nominee for President. Let's use our imagination and pretend that Bernie Sanders didn't have the most actual votes before the tampering.

The Democrats, like the rest of us, saw the poll numbers during the spring of 2016. They knew that Hillary Clinton was going to have a hard time defeating whichever Republican won the party's nomination. And they knew that Bernie Sanders had double-digit leads over the vast majority of Republican candidates.

As it became more and more evident that Donald Trump was going to win the Republican nomination, apparently the Democrats just ignored the polls that had he and Hillary neck-and-neck while Bernie Sanders had a consistent lead of 10-15% over Trump.

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In case you have forgotten, or if you spent the spring and early summer in a coma, let's take a look at some of the poll numbers from the months leading up to the Democratic National Convention (which took place from July 25-28 in Philadelphia):

These numbers all come from Real Clear Politics, which I chose because they use many different well-known polling institutions, including Quinnipiac University, CBS News, USA Today/Suffolk, NBC News/Wall St. Journal, CBS News/NY Times, and Bloomberg.

  • RCP Average 49.7 39.3 Sanders +10.4
  • IBD/TIPP 49 39 Sanders +10
  • Quinnipiac 48 39 Sanders +9
  • NBC/WSJ 54 39 Sanders +15
  • CBS/NYT 51 38 Sanders +13
  • FOX News 46 42 Sanders +4
  • PPP (D)        50 39 Sanders +11
  • CNN/ORC 56 40 Sanders +16
  • IBD/TIPP 50 38 Sanders +12
  • USA Today 52 37 Sanders +15
  • GWU       50 40 Sanders +10
  • FOX News 53 39 Sanders +14
  • CBS News 53 36 Sanders +17
  • McClatchy 57 37 Sanders +20
  • IBD/TIPP 53 36 Sanders +17
  • PPP (D)        48 40 Sanders +8
  • FOX News 52 38 Sanders +14
  • Bloomberg 58 34 Sanders +24
  • Quinnipiac 52 38 Sanders +14
  • CBS/NYT 53 38 Sanders +15
  • CNN/ORC 58 38 Sanders +20
  • NBC/WSJ 55 37 Sanders +18
  • CNN/ORC 55 43 Sanders +12
  • FOX News 53 38 Sanders +15
  • Quinnipiac 48 42 Sanders +6
  • USA Today 43 44 Trump +1

  • The underlined RCP figure is the average of the polls taken over the last month of polling, from May 6 to June 5. Exactly seven weeks out from the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders was polling over 10 points higher than Donald Trump.

The poll at the bottom of that list - taken by USA Today from February 11 thru February 15 - was the last time Trump had a lead over Sanders. Those polls were taken between February 11 and June 5, and Sanders' lead was so large that it was almost comical.

In addition to his +10.4 over the last month of polling, in 25 polls over four months, Sanders' average lead was +13.1 No intelligent person could possibly believe that Donald Trump would beat Bernie Sanders in an election. Even Faux News had the Democratic Socialist beating the Republican nominee.

  • RCP Average  43.8  42.3  Clinton +1.5
  • Economist 44 41 Clinton +3
  • IBD/TIPP 45 40 Clinton +5
  • Rasmussen 39 38 Clinton +1
  • Quinnipiac 45 41 Clinton +4
  • Rasmussen 40 39 Clinton +1
  • ABC         44 46 Trump +2
  • LA Times         43 45 Trump +2
  • NBC/WSJ 46 43 Clinton +3
  • Rasmussen 37 42 Trump +5
  • FOX News 42 45 Trump +3
  • CBS/NYT 47 41 Clinton +6
  • Gravis 50 48 Clinton +2
  • PPP (D) 47 41 Clinton +6
  • CNN/ORC 54 41 Clinton +13
  • Rasmussen 39 41 Trump +2
  • IBD/TIPP 47 40 Clinton +7
  • Rasmussen 38 38 Tie
  • USA Today 50 39 Clinton +11
  • GWU 46 43 Clinton +3
  • FOX News 48 41 Clinton +7
  • NBC/WSJ 50 39 Clinton +11
  • CBS News 50 40 Clinton +10
  • McClatchy 50 41 Clinton +9
  • IBD/TIPP 47 35 Clinton +12
  • PPP (D) 48 41 Clinton +7
  • FOX News 49 38 Clinton +11
  • Bloomberg 54 36 Clinton +18
  • Quinnipiac 46 40 Clinton +6
  • CBS/NYT 50 40 Clinton +10
  • CNN/ORC 53 41 Clinton +12
  • Monmouth 48 38 Clinton +10
  • ABC         50 41 Clinton +9
  • NBC/WSJ  51 38 Clinton +13
  • Rasmussen 41 36 Clinton +5
  • CNN/ORC 52 44 Clinton +8
  • FOX News 47 42 Clinton +5
  • USA Today 43 45 Trump +2

  • The underlined RCP figure is the average of the polls taken over the last month of polling, from May 6 to June 5. Exactly seven weeks out from the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton's average lead over Donald Trump was a very tenuous +1.5 - smaller than the margin of error for most polls, so basically a dead heat.

I guess I was naive, I believed that the Democratic National Committee's goal was, first and foremost, to defeat Donald Trump. All we have heard from the DNC over the last several months is what a disaster a Trump presidency would be.

With Bernie Sanders leading Trump in the polls in a complete blowout, I thought the DNC's superdelegates would do the job that their position was created to do - overrule the voters if they chose an unelectable candidate.

If they really wanted to beat Trump, wouldn't they nominate the candidate who was leading Trump by over 10 points in the polls instead of a Hillary Clinton who was in all reality in a dead heat with Trump?

No, they proved that they don't really care about defeating Trump, they only care about forcing through their chosen one. They only care about making up for what happened eight years ago, when Barack Obama burst onto the scene and stole almost all of the black vote from Clinton.
Ralph Nader did not cost Al Gore
the election in 2000.
(Photo by Bachrach44/Wikimedia)

Over the last two weeks, Real Clear Politics has Clinton with a +3.1 lead over Trump. Clinton supporters and the "vote Blue, no matter who" crowd are very, very worried. My father blames Jill Stein, the same way the Democrats blamed Ralph Nader in 2000. However, the simple fact is that Clinton has a bigger lead over Trump now than she did head-to-head in the first week of June.

If Donald Trump wins the presidency in November, don't blame Jill Stein and the Green Party, and don't blame the Berniecrats - the majority of those groups are Independents who were backing Bernie Sanders because he ran on a true progressive platform.

U.S Marine Corps Sgt. Gabriela Garcia
He ran a race that had him 10.4 points ahead of Donald Trump in the polls, while Hillary Clinton was in a dead heat with the Republican.

If Donald Trump becomes President Of The United States, 100% of the blame goes to the Democratic National Committee and their superdelegates. If Bernie Sanders were the Democratic nominee, we would all just be waiting for November 8 to find out his margin of victory in the general election.

The Democratic party had a chance to become the overwhelmingly dominant party in the United States, pulling in millions and millions of Independent Progressives like myself who were looking forward to rallying around our Democratic Socialist President.

Instead, they chose to kill their party, and watch the vast majority of us Independent Progressives become members of the Green Party. I'm here, and I'm staying.

Green Party Radio
White House photo by Eric Draper
I've become a Green for life. They are the only party that truly cares about the middle class and the poor. They are the only party who cares about saving out planet.

Let the Demopublicans scream and cry that "we can't have a President Trump, he will ruin the country"... they said the same thing about George W. Bush in 2000. We survived. He was President for eight years, and guess what?

Social Security is still here. Abortion is still legal. The Supreme Court isn't chock full of crazy right-wing conservatives. And the Democrats are trying the same scare tactics 16 years later.

When all they had to do was tell their superdelegates to do their job.

I'll finish by saying it again, and everyone can say the same thing to the "Blue no matter who" and the "No Trump" crowds...

If Donald Trump becomes President Of The United States, 100% of the blame goes to the Democratic National Committee and their superdelegates. If Bernie Sanders were the Democratic nominee, we would all just be waiting for November 8 to find out his margin of victory in the general election.