Saturday, October 1, 2016

Beware Camilo Garcia and the "Jill Stein Activists" group on Facebook

by Don Ellis

I have some shocking news to report, folks. I have been banned from a Jill Stein group on Facebook.

Yes, me. Banned. From a Jill Stein group.

I am in a state of shock as I type this, I was pretty sure that between running this website - Green Party Radio - and spending two hours a week hosting (and a hell of a lot more preparing for) a radio show called The Green Party Radio Show - that I was doing a pretty good job of showing my dedication to the Green Party in particular and the progressive cause in general.

Don Ellis will be hosting a brand new live podcast, "The Green Progressive" on General Public Radio starting Sunday, October 2 at 11 AM CT. Be sure to tune in!! 

I shared my extremely anti-Clinton and anti-DNC article "If the Democrats REALLY wanted to keep Trump out of office, they would have nominated Bernie" in the "Jill Stein Activists" group on Facebook. I posted it there not long after I posted it here on the website, and it was hugely popular. It had received over 100 likes and 25 shares in the four hours before I took a little nap this morning.

When I woke up, I posted it there again, because the group has over 14,000 members and people often miss posts. I never double-post any of our articles, but this one was so popular on this particular page that I thought it warranted a re-post.

It again was loved by the group, getting 18 likes and a few comments in 18 minutes. Then a moderator named Camilo Garcia hopped into the conversation, telling me that she was going to delete the post and ban me from the group because "the post was inappropriate" and "this is a Jill group. Bernie is over."

This person obviously didn't read the story, or he/she would have known that it in no way said anything about Bernie not being over. It is clearly nothing more than an anti-DNC article defending us Greens from the attacks we are getting saying it will be our fault if Donald Trump gets elected.

Greens (and Independents and others reading this because you are voting Jill 2016), watch out for seemingly pro-Jill Facebook groups. If you get too popular there, you can be banned for writing anti-Hillary and anti-DNC news.

Stay away from the "Jill Stein Activists" group, whatever you do!!