Monday, October 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders write-in: DON'T DO IT!! (Bernie doesn't want you to do it, here's the video)

Hopefully this is the end of this discussion, as The Green Party Radio Network's own Chad Cushman asked Bernie directly if he supports people writing in his name for President. He doesn't (unless you are in Vermont, he said that's OK):

Here's the transcript:

CHAD: Can I ask one question though?


CHAD: How do you feel about the write-in thing honestly?

BERNIE: In Vermont I think it's OK 'cause I think Clinton is gonna win. But in some states where it's close I want her to win. So if you want to write me in here I think it's fine. We're not gonna win you understand that?

CHAD: No offense, but I'm not for the write in. I think that you're going to be the best keeping you as my Senator.

BERNIE: OK (laughs loudly)

CHAD: I think you've done a great job as my Senator, I wish that you would have gotten the nomination, and if you ask for my vote and told me right now you wanted my vote I would do it.

BERNIE: Thanks very much, OK.

CHAD: You're a good man, thank you.

BERNIE: Thanks.