Monday, October 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders write-in: DON'T DO IT!! (Bernie doesn't want you to do it, here's the video)

Hopefully this is the end of this discussion, as The Green Party Radio Network's own Chad Cushman asked Bernie directly if he supports people writing in his name for President. He doesn't (unless you are in Vermont, he said that's OK):

Here's the transcript:

CHAD: Can I ask one question though?


CHAD: How do you feel about the write-in thing honestly?

BERNIE: In Vermont I think it's OK 'cause I think Clinton is gonna win. But in some states where it's close I want her to win. So if you want to write me in here I think it's fine. We're not gonna win you understand that?

CHAD: No offense, but I'm not for the write in. I think that you're going to be the best keeping you as my Senator.

BERNIE: OK (laughs loudly)

CHAD: I think you've done a great job as my Senator, I wish that you would have gotten the nomination, and if you ask for my vote and told me right now you wanted my vote I would do it.

BERNIE: Thanks very much, OK.

CHAD: You're a good man, thank you.

BERNIE: Thanks.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Green Party Radio Network founder Don Ellis announces run for KY House of Representatives, District 4

Don Ellis (photo courtesy Don Ellis for KY House)

Don Ellis, founder of The Green Party Radio Network and producer/co-host of The Green Party Radio Show, has announced his candidacy for the Kentucky State House of Representatives in the 4th District.

The 51-year-old Grand Rivers resident, who will be running a write-in campaign, recently filed the necessary paperwork with Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergren Grimes.

Don's general campaign will concentrate on the Green Party's four key pillars that make up the foundation of worldwide Green Parties:

  • Ecological wisdom
  • Social justice
  • Grassroots democracy
  • Nonviolence

More specifically, as a former Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiator for the Service Employees International Union Heatlhcare of Illinois & Indiana, Don plans to implore his fellow Representatives to fight for more union jobs in Kentucky while also repelling Republican efforts to make Kentucky a right-to-work state.

Along with increased union membership, if elected Don plans to do everything in his power to make sure that all Kentuckians have the right to earn a living wage.

His first act immediately upon taking office would be to fight for a statewide $10 an hour minimum wage by the summer of 2017, increasing by $1.00 per year until reaching $13 an hour by July 1, 2020.

Don would also fight to eliminate Kentucky Income Taxes on families making less that $20,000 per year, making up the difference with a slight increase on anyone making over $150,000 annually.

As a direct descendant of a pair of Between The Rivers families, he would also fight the United States Forest Service if they make any attempt to deviate from "The Promise" that was made to the people who were displaced to create Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. He would also fight to increase funding for the maintenance of our cemeteries and the roads we use to visit them.

Don has never held public office, but as a single father to a 12-year-old son he understands the struggles of working families. His past experience as a Union Contract Negotiator and Employee Adviser make him uniquely qualified to fight for the financial well-being of the ever-shrinking middle class in Kentucky.

In addition to his duties as a single father and caregiver to his elderly father, Don is a sports official with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. He has also volunteered as an umpire for charitable causes and as a coach for Little League basketball in Livingston County.

In addition to his duties running the Green Party Radio Network, Don is also a former local radio personality, having hosted The Outlaw Hours and The Saturday Night All-Request Show on 93.3 WKYQ in Paducah.

Local media outlets can contact Don Ellis by emailing His website is He can also be contacted on his Don Ellis For KY House Facebook Page.

Don has already been endorsed by Arn Menconi, Green Party candidate for U. S. Senate out of Colorado, and is expecting several more official endorsements by the end of the week.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Green Party Radio Network shows now available on multiple apps

by Don Ellis

The Green Party Radio Network is proud to announce that all of our programs are now available on some of the most widely used apps in the world.

Like Green Party Radio on Facebook

This means that if you can't listen to your favorite show(s) live, you can download them and listen at your convenience.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Green Party of Ohio issues statement of support for DAPL protestors

The Green Party of Ohio stands with and supports those who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and others have joined forces to protest the construction by Energy Transfer Partners of the pipeline, which would cross over ancient Native American burial grounds.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Write-in voting rules for President for all 50 states

SUMMARY: STATE LAWS REGARDING PRESIDENTIAL BALLOT ACCESS FOR THE GENERAL ELECTION has compiled a list of ballot requirements for Presidential candidates for all 50 states. The list was compiled by NASS.

This list also contains the numbers of each relevant state statute.

This should, once and for all, eliminate any and all questions about whether or not a person can write in Bernie Sanders for President in his or her state.

Only eight states will count the votes of people who write in the names of candidates who have not filed the necessary paperwork to appear as a write-in candidate:

  • Alabama
  • Iowa
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

In addition, Wyoming will count write-in votes if the candidate files paperwork within two days after the election.

Reviewed February 2016

This document provides a summary of the laws in each state relevant to the placement of a candidate for president on the general election ballot, and the requirements for a presidential candidate to run as a write-in candidate. Generally a presidential candidate nominated by a political party that meets certain criteria is placed on the general election ballot. This criteria is often based on a threshold number of votes cast at a recent election for a particular office or offices. A number of states provide an alternative mechanism for an organization to qualify in order to nominate candidates, for example by filing a petition or having a certain number of voters affiliated with the organization.

Additionally, all states have a procedure for independent candidates, and in some cases individual presidential candidates of a political organization, to obtain ballot access. Most states also permit a presidential candidate to be a write-in candidate, and many of these states require that the candidate file a notice prior to the election.

The summary for each state includes the timeframes for certifying the names of the candidates for president and vice-president and the names of the presidential electors; the requirements for a political party to be eligible to nominate a presidential candidate; the number of signatures required on a petition in order for a presidential candidate to obtain ballot access; a description of any additional ballot access methods where applicable; and the timeframes required for filing a notice in order to be a write-in candidate for president. It is important to note that the information in this document is based on a NASS review of relevant state ballot access requirements.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Beware Camilo Garcia and the "Jill Stein Activists" group on Facebook

by Don Ellis

I have some shocking news to report, folks. I have been banned from a Jill Stein group on Facebook.

Yes, me. Banned. From a Jill Stein group.

I am in a state of shock as I type this, I was pretty sure that between running this website - Green Party Radio - and spending two hours a week hosting (and a hell of a lot more preparing for) a radio show called The Green Party Radio Show - that I was doing a pretty good job of showing my dedication to the Green Party in particular and the progressive cause in general.

Don Ellis will be hosting a brand new live podcast, "The Green Progressive" on General Public Radio starting Sunday, October 2 at 11 AM CT. Be sure to tune in!! 

I shared my extremely anti-Clinton and anti-DNC article "If the Democrats REALLY wanted to keep Trump out of office, they would have nominated Bernie" in the "Jill Stein Activists" group on Facebook. I posted it there not long after I posted it here on the website, and it was hugely popular. It had received over 100 likes and 25 shares in the four hours before I took a little nap this morning.

When I woke up, I posted it there again, because the group has over 14,000 members and people often miss posts. I never double-post any of our articles, but this one was so popular on this particular page that I thought it warranted a re-post.

It again was loved by the group, getting 18 likes and a few comments in 18 minutes. Then a moderator named Camilo Garcia hopped into the conversation, telling me that she was going to delete the post and ban me from the group because "the post was inappropriate" and "this is a Jill group. Bernie is over."

This person obviously didn't read the story, or he/she would have known that it in no way said anything about Bernie not being over. It is clearly nothing more than an anti-DNC article defending us Greens from the attacks we are getting saying it will be our fault if Donald Trump gets elected.

Greens (and Independents and others reading this because you are voting Jill 2016), watch out for seemingly pro-Jill Facebook groups. If you get too popular there, you can be banned for writing anti-Hillary and anti-DNC news.

Stay away from the "Jill Stein Activists" group, whatever you do!!

If the Democrats REALLY wanted to keep Trump out of office, they would have nominated Bernie

Green Party Radio
Bernie Sanders (Image courtesy Nick Solari/Wikimedia Commons)
by Don Ellis

President Bernie Sanders.

That's what everyone would have been calling him starting in early January of next year, if not for the Democratic National Committee and their insistence that Hillary Clinton be the party's nominee for the November election.

Before I go any further, I'm sure many of you are wondering why I am writing an article about "President" Bernie Sanders on a Green Party Media page. Actually, it started with my father.

My dad is a retired Ironworker and a life-long "vote blue, no matter who" kind of guy. I always respected him for it, for most of his life the Democrats were the party of the working class, and many of them were quite progressive. It was a given that all unions would endorse Democrats in every race in this country.

Now he's retired and in his 70's, and he's all about keeping Trump out of office (which is a noble cause, of course).