Friday, September 16, 2016

Arizona House candidate Trey Cizek to appear on GPR Sunday morning

Trey Cizek, Green Party candidate for AZ House
(Photo courtesty Trey Cizek for AZ House)
by Don Ellis

(Click HERE to listen live Sunday at 8 AM CT)

Call 914-205-5327 to join the conversation is proud to announce that Trey Cizek, Green Party candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives, will be appearing on GPR Sunday morning.

Trey is kind enough to join us on his 25th birthday as he reaches the legal age to serve as the Congressman from Arizona's Legislative 3rd District.

In addition to being the youngest person running for election to Arizona's State Legislature, Trey has pointed out that this is the first time the incumbent Democrats have been challenged since 2010, and there is no Republican in the race.

Trey Cizek is a graduate student in environmental economics at the University of Arizona, specializing in the economics of clean energy, pollution management, and government policy relating thereto.

Even though he has never held a public office before, Trey has been endorsed by the Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers for the upcoming election.

Green Party Radio airs Sunday mornings at 8 AM CT. We expect Trey Cizek to appear on the show at around 8:15 AM.

Trey Cizek website & Facebook page